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To make a quote into an indented block, enclose the quoted passage (that you have copied and pasted from somewhere) with… <blockquote> and </blockquote>. Using the slash, /, for the second “blockquote” is essential.

The result looks like this.

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  1. Curious Aristocrat says:

    Thanks for the blockquote thing! ^^ Now I’m informed!

  2. PokerNemesis says:

    Sorry I took so long to get this information out to everybody.

    I just now found that there was a way for me to fit everything together explicitly and still have it be seen (rather than disappear as it makes the effect occur), so I changed what I originally had written (to make everything even clearer).

  3. Masq says:

    Bold is the same but instead of blockquote use b and for italics, i

    Just figured I’d mention it. Also, smilies are pretty much find-as-you-go but some basics are…

    8) 8.) minus the .
    :) :.) minus the .
    😛 :.P minus the .
    😀 :.D minus the .
    :( :.( minus the .

  4. iKing says:

    like this?

    also thnx goes out to masq for the making smiles info.
    lemme try…
    could u show how to put links in comments too?
    I have NO IDEA how to do that

  5. PokerNemesis says:

    iKing asks:

    could u show how to put links in comments too?

    The code my link button inserts is rather complex to try to pass on.

    Probably better you should just type or “paste” in the url itself. That will make a link. I can always clean it up with my link button and edit function later if need be.

  6. iKing says:

    i tried to do that once and it didnt appear. u must have a spam filter.

  7. ruleofrosemisfits says:

    hey i know how to do this in here but how do i do it in the other messages i write

  8. PokerNemesis says:

    You have to be more specific for me to know what your problem is.

  9. iKing says:

    I think u should also explain how 2 get a picture icon. I noticed tht u,masq,and firefly’s_locket have one.

  10. PokerNemesis says:

    To get a picture icon that appears here, you must register (free) at, upload your image to there, and then use the email address that you register there—and that you associate with that image—when you register here to post comments.

  11. George Chan. says:

    Hi! n__n How are you? Is this some kind of guestbook or . .something? ._.
    Anyway, I need to get in contact with you, Poker. I have something to ask you! :3

    Here is the question:
    Okey, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to link with me? I have two fanlistings, a Diana and Jennifer fanlisting. . And I would love to link with you. Your idees are awesome, and it’s just awesome to read. ^_^

    I understand if you don’t want to link with me.
    // George.~ –

  12. PokerNemesis says:

    Welcome, George Chan!

    I’ll put links to your sites on my homepage. Should they go under the category of “links” or “blogroll”?

    I found the Jennifer site but not the Diana site.

  13. PokerNemesis says:

    To George Chan (Sandera):

    I made links to both sites. See “links” area on my homepage.

  14. TmT says:

    I went to “register” in hopes to add a profile picture. It took me to wordpress but there is no option to add artwork to the profile that I can see. Went to – doesn’t seen to work any longer. Tips?

  15. RozenMaiden says:

    TMT, I just this moment registered at gravatar, ^_^

  16. PokerNemesis says:

    Kawaii pic, RozenMaiden.

  17. RozenMaiden says:

    Heh thanks ^_^;

    It’s a teensy portion of a painting by Mark Ryden, titled “The Magic Circus” ^_^\m/

  18. Choco-chan says:

    Yay, I got gravitar to work for me too~! Thanks, Pokey!

  19. RozenMaiden says:

    Wooooooo go Choco! ^__________^\m/ We’ll all be av’ed up in no time! XD

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