Woo Hoo!
Rule of Rose Mysteries has been alive for 4 years now.
Break out the champagne!

It really is amazing that I’ve kept at this for so long. It really is a tribute to all you excellent comment-makers who keep me interested and entertained with the things you have to say. Thank you all!!!

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  1. Lussh says:

    Ha-ppy Birth-dayy, website!
    Happy anniversary leader!

    How does it feel to be father of something that grew so much, and so long?
    My sincere congratulations : )

    All hail the leader!

  2. PokerNemesis says:

    @ fireflys_locket
    You first introduced yourself here (not as fireflys_locket back then) on 8/29/2008, so you’re quite a long-timer! I’m so happy you still come by!

  3. PokerNemesis says:

    @ Lussh
    You first introduced yourself here on 12/26/2009, and you contributed mightily to the site with your wonderfully detailed maps for us to use. Thanks for all of your contributions here!

    Lussh asked:

    How does it feel to be father of something that grew so much, and so long?

    I feel happy that so many really nice people have felt it worthwhile to come here and share their time and thoughts with me over such a long span of time.

  4. PokerNemesis says:

    You first introduced yourself here (not as fireflys_locket back then) on 8/29/2008, so you’re quite a long-timer! I’m so happy you still come by!

    Yes, of course! I’m always happy to see a new post from you in my email. I don’t have much new to say on things, having only played a little of the game, but I still find this story fascinating.

  5. Frank says:

    Wow how four years flys, amazing lol. Still it is kind of neat we have not figured out all the mysteries yet and there is still more to discover.

    PN can you reupload the missing files from the game disc? I would really like to delve into it and try to look into it. The topic it was under is called “The Unused Statements Of Clara” on the mermaid boss thing. Also i would like to know if you have any threads based on Joshua and Wendy weither or not Joshua ever knew Wendy, or Wendy use to know Joshua that would really be amazing if you could help me out here thank you.

  6. Lost Orphan says:

    Congratulations on your milestone PN! It seems like so long ago when I made my first comment. Then again, so much has happened since that first comment.

    The 3 year anniversary of my fun and games (Not) in the hospital passed without incident and I couldn’t have been happier. I keep busy teaching and trying to stay ahead of No Child Left Behind and everything that goes with it. Every year gets a little harder and retirement looks really good at this point.

    The dollhouse has been making slow progress as I work on it only when the mood strikes me. I recently pulled out my copy of the game just to go through the OUAT chapter. Great references and I don’t have to dodge imps. I seem to remember that some comment-maker posted a map of the attic. Could you tell me where that is? It would really help.

    The game really challenged me. I played The Funeral and got my butt kicked badly. I have lost some of the dexterity that I had and have become unfamiliar with the controls. It’s coming back though.

    Kim has been VERY busy these days. She’s still working for Disney and got married this summer. That didn’t surprise me near as much as the other news that she gave me. Another new comment-maker is on the way!!! She is pregnant with a little girl, so in about 16 years Lost Orphan’s Granddaughter will be signing on.

    Masq, if you’re out there, Kim has been trying to reach you and has been unable to. She wanted to tell you this first hand but can’t find you. Her old Yahoo address is still active, she would love to hear from you.

    Again, PN, congrats on 4 years. Doing something you love makes that time go by quickly.

    Lost Orphan

  7. Lussh says:

    I’m glad to hear that and thank you for your word leader : )

    And talking about maps ^^
    Lost Orphan, you can find a map of the attic around here : http://fav.me/d2i5eyr

    I’m really glad of what happend here and continues to go ; it’s a month of celebration!

  8. PokerNemesis says:

    Welcome back, Lost Orphan! It is great to hear from you again! Congrats on the girl gamer on the way!

    You wrote: “It seems like so long ago when I made my first comment.” I can put an exact date on that first comment. It was made on February 1, 2008. Back in the olden days!

    I wonder which will happen first? Lost Orphan’s Granddaughter posting a comment, or Lost Orphan showing us some pics of the dollhouse? Ha ha! No pressure though.

  9. Seiren says:

    This is really random, but I was just watching the intro to Rule of Rose and the bit in the bathroom always confuses me for some reason. It’s not that I don’t get what happens, it’s just that every time I watch it on small screen, I keep thinking it’s Hoffman dragging Jennifer off. It’s mainly the jacket. But, if you think about the kind of things Hoffman may have done, it leaves me wondering…. Probably completely wrong, but it would be nice to know what you think! (I love this site by the way. I’ve been lurking around here reading entries for about a year now.)

  10. PokerNemesis says:

    Welcome, Seiran!
    That scene is definitely of Gregory, and it fits in with certain elements of the game, see:
    Gregory, Stray Dog, and Lavatories (Part 1)
    Gregory, Stray Dog, and Lavatories (Part 2)
    The scene you mention, however, does not seem to truly fit with the story.
    The intro video was the E3 promotional video, and so it may be that the scene was made with advertising value in mind, rather than as being meant to be considered a true part of the story.

  11. Immortal says:

    Hey PN its me, I was kinda wondering if I should maybe a machinima (Mind Series) on rule of rose in fallout 3. In others I put jennfier of rule of rose and base the characters existance in the Capital Wasteland by possibilities of theorhetical contexts that jennifers dreaming the whole storyline of rule of rose in a much later time, backed ; the “kennedy assassin” newspaper, and the “Build computer, Sell computer” pape, all written by you, PN. And of course i have links which can help understand this message better:

    Your articles on possibilities that jennifer is dreaming the story from a later date

    These are important about the place im putting it in and also added a link to a map

    IN this link, is a video made by two well known mind series directors:
    Corky064 and CptCool2, part of a group of mind makers who call themselves “the masterminds”

    and finally im not sure when i will do this, anyway your take on this.


  12. Lussh says:

    Leader, dear leader.
    I have an anniversary gift, or rather re-gift.
    I have spent my weekend reworking the complete map, to finally include the lists, in correct order, of the knives, films, records and perfumes.
    Please enjoy!
    (and stole your head title photo by the way, I hope you wont mind)


    Peace, yaoi & yuri

  13. PokerNemesis says:

    Thanks, Lussh!!! I’ll make it its own blog-post.

  14. Luna says:

    ooh, Lussh’s Map image I saw before on DA a few months back, sense I am in the group.
    How nice to give as a gift.

    I can’t recall the first time I popped in here.. I mainly lurked, and then one day dropped a comment about the Diana and Hoffman saying “Look like that” or “don’t like that” discussion…

    I only made an account for the site recently.

  15. elyonum says:

    4 years already? Goodness, in my head I keep regarding this blog as something very recent x’DD
    Oh PN, here’s to another 4 years!! xDDDDDDDD (if we survive a possible zombie apocalypse, among other common life occurrences)

  16. PokerNemesis says:

    You are truly an “old-timer” here, elyonum! Your first comment was made during the second month of Rule of Rose Mysteries. I made my first post on Oct 1, 2007, and you made your first comment on November 16, 2007. I’m honored you felt it worth your while to stick with me for so long! It is good to have long-time friends!

  17. PokerNemesis says:

    @ Immortal,
    Sorry I took so long to find your comment that was held up in limbo because of all of the links.

  18. Mika says:

    I cant believe it’s been four years already.

  19. Mika says:

    Congrazzles in four years!!

  20. Deathps says:

    I’ve been reading all mysteries in this site for 2 years now
    and this is the first time i comment on something here O_O
    should i be proud?
    whoop whoop rule of rose 4-ever
    ( im a juggalo btw)

  21. PokerNemesis says:

    Welcome Deathps! Glad you decided to emerge from lurker status! You are the first self-identified juggalo among the commenters.

  22. Ellie says:

    Congratulations on the site and the 4 year milestone! ^^ Too bad the world won’t see another Rule of Rose. Despite the bugs, it is such an awesome game and had me crying at the end. Despite being a very emotional gal, it doesn’t happen often with movies, games, or books.

  23. Deathps says:


    thanks dude^^ i’m all about rule of rose like you guys
    yay im the first juggalo on this site ^_^

  24. zoe says:

    wouldent it be good if they did a hd-over on RoR so we could play on ps3, like they did with ico + sotc + devil may cry? they could fix the bugs, and we could see the game better

  25. RosesInMay says:

    So is the princess of the red rose Jennifer’s doll? Cause it was always at her side even before her parents died…
    (rewatching a playthrough of ror)

  26. Immortal says:


    I found this blog the other day and scrolling down on it, i found a post regarding a piece of software called “PCXS2”
    the software in question could make a ps2 games graphics improve greatly. Maybe this could give us
    a new insight on ROR by the graphics.
    the website is called http://www.b10g.blogspot.com/,
    uh yes the blog is owned by the same guy who covered another game that was in the same straits as ROR.
    Worth looking, search on the NOvember section.

  27. RosesInMay says:

    @Immortal there are lots of pictures using this software in the link on the right under Links, in Rule of Rose hi-def screenshots

  28. Immortal says:

    I didnt know that, probaly we could’ve tell everyone who comes to this website that the pictures from hte same sofotware i mentionsed

  29. Lost Orphan's Daughter says:

    Hi everyone!

    So much has happened since my last post!!!!

    I got married this summer after discovering that I was going to make Daddy a Grandpa and now have done just that!!

    Lexi Christine Smith was born December 23, 2011, so about 2027 maybe she’ll sign on. I never realized how much work being a mom was until she was born. Getting up several times a night to feed a baby and change dirty diapers is a life changing experience and I wouldn’t trade it or give it up fro anything!!!

    Since I’m on leave for a while to get used to my new life I decided to sit down at the computer to catch up with everyone.

    Masq, if you are still out there I tried to contact you but had no success. My yahoo address is still active and I want so much to catch up with you.

    The site IS still active isn’t it? I noticed no monthly updates for a while and got a little freaked. Are you still posting PN? Are you OK? Will RORM survive or have the imps gotten you?


  30. Congratulations on your marriage and baby, Lost Orphan’s Daughter! I’m glad you have been doing well. It’s been quiet here lately, and I haven’t seen Masq in a very long time. I hope she’ll come out of the shadows to contact you if she checks in.

  31. Lussh says:

    Hello dear leader, how have you been ? (GlaDos voice)

    It’s not a ROR related news I have for you, but ye might still be interested in it.

    I heard a lot about Fatal Frame around here and on deviantart. It seems those who like Ror or Silent hill usually have a good opinion about the Fatal frame serie. It took me years to understand these games actually do exist in french, only under a different name…

    I had my best christmas ever, with Kirie, long haired woman, Kiryu doll & Chitose. I Did’nt have such good scares in a long time. Don’t quite like the “true” endings, but I really enjoyed such well constructed games and stories. Far from “we’ll put this because it looks cool”.

    So… I have roughs now, I am setting to do my work. What I did to Obscure 1 & 2 & Rule of Rose, I will do for Fatal Frame 1 & 2 (and maybe 3, but we’ll see)

    I will make the full maps, with most (don’t think i could get everything in such short notice) of the items and ghosts.

    Himuro Mansion & Minakami village will be map-ed like the Rose garden orphanage in a near futur. (Most probably before may, but maybe not before end of march because of work.)

    Rejoice brothers and sisters of nod ! The maps of Fatal Frame are incoming.
    Viva Yaoi & Yuri

  32. RosesInMay says:

    I really liked Rule of Rose after watching the complete playthrough on youtube. It was just as fun to watch, or more fun, as it probably is to play, as most of the appeal of it can be appreciated without controlling the character yourself. However, I feel like I’m kind of done with ROR. Is there any game like it that’s interesting to watch, not just play, that might have a chance of captivating me as much as ROR did?

  33. PokerNemesis says:

    @ Lussh
    Fatal Frame is a great series, and very scary! Good luck with your project. It sounds like a lot of work!

  34. PokerNemesis says:

    @ Lost Orphan’s Daughter,
    Congratulations on your marriage and childbirth, Kim! Wishing you very much happiness!

  35. PokerNemesis says:

    @ RosesInMay
    The little Princess doll has a confusing place in the story. If you want more information, use the “Storybooks” link in the header and read what I’ve written about the Little Princess storybook. I write about some of the problems there, starting with “Subtitling Confusion” (Part 1).

  36. QueenOfTheFork says:

    I’m not sure if this is anything, but recently I was looking into Japanese Legends. Even though the game takes place in England, I still believe there is a good reason to look into the Japanese Lore.

    I stumbled across something called “Inugami”

    “In Japanese mythology an inugami (犬神?, lit. “dog spirit”) is a type of shikigami (式神?), similar to a familiar spirit, resembling, and usually originating from, a dog, and most commonly carrying out vengeance or acting as guardians on behalf of the inugami-mochi, or “inugami owner”. Inugami are extremely powerful and capable of existing independently, as well as turning on their “owners” and even possessing humans.


    As in most cultures, the dog is viewed in Japan as a kind, bold, and nimble companion, who is ferocious toward its master’s enemies. In Japanese folktale, dogs themselves are regarded as magical beings; one legend states that the dog could once talk, but lost the ability. The indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaidō consider the dog a wily, dangerous and somewhat human animal.

    The general belief is that an inugami is created by burying a dog up to its neck and placing food around it, which it cannot reach. It would take days for the dog to die, and during this time the dog’s master would tell it that its pain is nothing compared to his own. When the dog dies, it would become an inugami; since its dying wish would have been to eat, the food placed around the corpse would act as a placatory offering, and thus make the spirit obedient.

    A more specific legend states that an old woman who desired revenge against an enemy buried her treasured dog in the ground with only its head sticking out, and said “If you have a soul, do my will and I will worship you as a god.” She then sawed the dog’s head off with a bamboo saw, releasing the dog’s spirit as an inugami. The spirit did as she wished, but in return for its painful death it haunted the old woman.

    In the Oki Islands, the inugami takes on the function that the kitsune (fox) holds in many other regions of Japan. It is believed that an inugami-mochi will be blessed with great fortune and success, and that favors granted by them will be returned with interest. However, in exchange the inugami-mochi are shunned by other people, and find it hard to get married; they must also be careful not to offend their inugami lest they receive its wrath, as unlike the kitsune, an inugami does not merely follow its master’s wishes, but also acts on its own impulses.

    Many small villages in Japan are considered to have at least one old lady with the power of the inugami-mochi.

    Human Possession

    An inugami’s original body stays behind when it leaves to follow its masters wishes; the buried corpse slowly withers and rots, and if the inugami returns after the body is no longer habitable, it may take control of its master’s body, making it even more powerful. Possession by an inugami is said to cure sickness, or ill health; however, it also results in the possessed behaving like a dog.”

    (Read it for yourself here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inugami)

    I am not saying that I believe Gregory was possessed, or some kind of vengeful spirit. But I do think there is a source of inspiration here. With the “British Antarctic Expedition” wooden crates, giving the possibility of Mr. Wilson being in the expedition, (why else would he have these crates?) is it possible that Gregory dealt with starvation in such an expedition?

    The Inugami legend talks about the Inugami’s owner starving it to death, so that it will carry out acts of revenge. In order to make the dog spirit obedient, offerings were made. If the owner offends their inugami, they receive the wrath of the dog spirit. What do you think? Am I just grabbing at straws here?

    In this case, Wendy would be the owner of the Inugami, if it were applied to ROR. If such a tale were applied to ROR, would it imply that Wendy specifically brought Stray Dog there for revenge? (I like to believe personally that she brought Stray Dog there to prove she is not the Lying Princess she is accused of being, and that things went horribly wrong.) The offerings are to keep Stray Dog appeased, so that he does not unleash his wrath. If this is the case, then Wendy either somehow upset/offended Gregory, or he was acting of his own instinct. (Still more inclined to believe Wendy did not want the death of the orphans.) Still, I found it all rather interesting.

  37. PokerNemesis says:

    I’m enjoying the research you’ve been doing. Now that you’ve looked at inugami, I wonder if you might be interested in following up on that theme by looking into black dog legends? Please see my “Research Challenge (and resultant research): “Black Dog” Legends””

  38. QueenOfTheFork says:

    That all looks very interesting as well. I’ll look into it and see what I can find.

  39. Lussh says:

    Hiya leader
    Just to let you know that despite my full time work, i found some time to complete the first version of himuro mansion map
    Please enjoy
    Viva yaoi & yuri

  40. QueenOfTheFork says:

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I was wondering what you all thought of my fan art. :3 I’ve been meaning to finish this for some time. (Most of my art is a lot more serious looking than this, but it was a lot of fun.)


    Lemme know what you think. I’d love some feedback!

  41. PokerNemesis says:

    The linked pic makes me think: “Rule of Rose” meets “Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni”! Definitely crazy Jennifer! Looked over you whole gallery. Very nice. You are quite talented.

  42. PokerNemesis says:

    @Lussh. That looks like it was a lot of work. Very attractive colors. I like it!

  43. QueenOfTheFork says:

    Thanks PN. (actually the majority of my stuff is old and outdated. xD) Wow, I see what you mean about higurashi now that you mention it.

  44. Vivian B. says:

    Happy anniversary!

    What I’m going to say here can sound silly to you all, guys and girls, yet I put my hope in your open minds. In the last twenty (thirty) years, hundreds (thousands) of movies and tv series and cartoons and comics and musics and books – and eventually videogames – have been secretly conceived to work, entirely or partially, as corollaries to Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. Movies like The Ring or Saw or Se7en or The Blair Witch Project or The Silence of the Lambs or Paranormal Activity or Red Dragon or Hannibal or The Black Dahlia or The Bone Collector or Changeling or Scream, and series like Veronica Mars or Dexter or Charmed or Invasion or X-Files (just to cite a few treating of supernatural and superkillers), all of them contain deliberate connections to Kubrick’s last work, plus clues to unveil its challenging secrets. I believe that Rule of Rose belongs to this unexclusive club. I haven’t played the game – just watched a “walkthrough” on YT – and I was (not) surprised of the great number of hints and themes pointing to EWS, and almost sure that this is not a coincidence. Nevertheless, if RoR is the Colosseum of complex games, EWS is the Pantheon of complex movies, so I’ll not annoy you with explanations about this or about that (not in this f**k**g language). I’ll only say a double couple of things that anyone who saw EWS and surf the net may understand. First: the unLUCKY girl is going to enter a secret society. Second: the secret society is named Aristoc…rat Club, and “rat” is a keyword (THE keyword) to EWS (you’ll not find that on the net). Third: Amanda. Fourth: the obviouz roze. You’ll never leave the bus-stop, I stop here.

    Looks like a joke and it is not (and sorry for my ugly English).

  45. QueenOfTheFork says:

    I think I may have found an interesting connection with Hoffman and Clara. By chance I was looking into famous operas, and one caught my eye.

    The Tales of Hoffman.

    The tales of hoffman is based on a short story called “The Sandman” by E.T.A Hoffman. In the sandman story, one of the main characters is named Clara.

    Clara is later accused of being: an inanimate, accursed automaton. The story also mentions “the legendary Sandman, who was said to steal the eyes of children who wouldn’t go to bed and feed them to his own children who lived in the moon.”

    In the tales of hoffman, Hoffman is described as an alcoholic, and again the theme of falling in love with an automation.

    See what you make of it. If it is a connection, do you think it would help explain some of the weird markings on Clara in the boss battle?



  46. Cupcake says:

    Hey guys, just thought I’d drop a line and let you know about a fan-fiction I’m writing – it’s a Rule of Rose/Hunger Games crossover where the RoR characters have been placed in a large outdoor arena and forced to fight to the death until a lone Victor remains. You can send gifts to your favourite Tributes in the Reviews section, making you the one to shape the story! Just for anyone that’s interested. :)


  47. Nivacolina says:

    I hope this keeps growing now that I have come here ^.^ (It would be really deprssing if this dies after my arrival 😛 XDXD)

  48. Cupcake says:

    Hello all! Another piece of mindless self promotion, I’m afraid. But it’s good to keep the fan-work of RoR up! I’ve made an AMV for the game, it’d be great if you could check it out. :)

  49. Lost Orphan says:

    Hi All, I got up from my console with a sense of excitement after discovering some things that I had never seen before (I don’t know if anyone else has seen these).

    In the Women’s lavatory downstaris I have finally been able to read (part of) the labels on the bags stacked in the cubicle. The first word is a Japanese name and the second I cannot make out, but the third word is definitely chalk. Weren’t the bones on the children found in bags of chalk in El Orfanato? (Hope I spelled that title right). I have often theorized that perhaps the bones of the adults were hidden here. Perhaps someone can get a clear picture of the label, there is a drawing of what look like mountains above the writing. This is visible on several bags, but you have to be at the right angle to see them.

    I also discovered a cutscene that I had never noticed before and found purely by accident. In OUAT, after Jennifer and Wendy curtsy and kiss each other if you press the x button a very brief cutscene of Wendy looking up, smiling and waving at Jennifer plays. No conversation, but the scene repeats itself everytime you press the button.

    I know, nothing really earthshattering and they may have already been discussed, but I was really pleased with them.

    The model continues to progress, but at a slower pace. I have been spending a lot of time visiting the granddaughter and daughter in L.A.

  50. PokerNemesis says:

    Lost Orphan wrote:

    In the Women’s lavatory downstaris I have finally been able to read (part of) the labels on the bags stacked in the cubicle. The first word is a Japanese name and the second I cannot make out, but the third word is definitely chalk.

    Sorry to take so long to respond to this, Lost Orphan. I found a high-resolution emulator picture and blew it up. It looks to me like it says “chain” rather than “chalk”. What do you think, seeing this picture?


  51. PokerNemesis says:

    Lost Orphan wrote:

    I also discovered a cutscene that I had never noticed before and found purely by accident. In OUAT, after Jennifer and Wendy curtsy and kiss each other if you press the x button a very brief cutscene of Wendy looking up, smiling and waving at Jennifer plays. No conversation, but the scene repeats itself everytime you press the button.

    I’ve seen that, but I think the great majority of players never do. I’m glad you found it. It makes the farewell between Jennifer and Wendy even more poignant, I think.

  52. Lost Orphan says:

    I looked at the picture that you provided and while I concede that the word could be chain I have to wonder why anyone would package chain in a bag. They would, however, package chalk in a bag. The bag that I looked at was near the front of the cubicle and the label seemed to show a picture of mountains and then the three words that I described.

    I agree that the cutscene does make the end a little heart-rending. I have always made the comment “Sad little eyes” when Wendy is at the gate looking out at Jennifer before she speaks.

    I have wondered about the scenes shown before the game theme begins. Jennifer sitting on the bench before Brown appears. Some have theorized that she is sitting in a park, but I have to wonder if she is not on a bench outside an asylum.
    Perhaps the airship crash and the loss of her parents unbalanced her and the incidents at the orphanage drove her over the edge.

    She pieces memories together to present the rather fragmented picture that we see. The dog, the girls (herself and Wendy), the airship and the orpahanage. Joshua/Wendy says in The Stray Dog chapter “I brought you here”. I contend that Jennifer’s own fragmented mind took her back to the orphanage (she never actually returned to it)and the conflicts that we see are her memories trying to resolve themselves.

    The opening sequence on the bus presents Jennifer with a way to tell the story (through the books) and the activities that we see are her memories fleshing in the blank spaces. Obviously, there were no imps, but rather they were something told to naughty children to get them to work. Parents now sometimes use similar stories to get children to listen to them (Don’t talk to strangers). Her mind gave the imps substance and brought them to life.

    Children tell stories to frighten others as the Stray Dog legends were intended to do. Wendy wasn’t large enough to intimidate the others, but Stray Dog was. Jennifer’s damaged mind gave us a picture of that.

    I think that Jennifer killed Brown (probably with a rope as we see in the attic) but her mind blocked that part and laid the blame on those who forced her to that course of action. Jennifer probably did attack Wendy which precipitated Wendy’s fall from power and the revenge attack by Stray Dog which killed the other orphans. So that part of her memory is probably intact.

    There are a lot of other things that can be attributed to a fragmented mind. The return to the airship for example is impossible, but to one with a damaged mind anything can happen.

    I’ve thought about these things alot and no longer play the game to get through it. But rather to try to reassemble the possible after sorting it out of the impossible and improbable.

    My longest post in a long time I hope it makes sense.

  53. Stephen says:

    Story most like ROR : Higglety Pigglety Pop 2010 short ( 23 min. ) from Canadian Film Board…has been on Sundance Channel…available on blu ray edition of Where The Wild Things Are, sadly I had been unaware of the 1967 Maurice Sendak book….it’s about a dog and her human

  54. PokerNemesis says:

    The book “Higglety Pigglety Pop! Or There Must Be More To Life” by Maurice Sendak, narrated by Tammy Grimes:

  55. Stephen says:

    the audio recording and book are not as great as the film… a PS 3 will play the blu ray disc

  56. Esor fo Elur says:

    First off, thanks for the website and theorizing, PokerNemesis. I’ve been a long time lurker through the years and it was actually finding this site by accident which made me nab a copy of the game- and play it of course- myself.

    That said, this seems as good a place as any to say that I’m currently experimenting with using Cheat Engine (a program memory editor) and PCSX2 (PS2 emulator, running Rule of Rose) to create a camera hack for Rule of Rose. At the least bit, I’d like to be able to adjust the camera’s distance from Jennifer, if not choose a specific, fixed camera position (as we get in some areas, like the bus stop). This would mean that some objects in the game would be much more visible when otherwise they would be, though low-res textures will still be low-res of course. Similar camera “hack” codes have been found for other games, including Haunting Ground. I’ll be sure to post any discoveries I come across- it should help to get a better view of unclear objects in the game, such as the scenes in the Cell of Bliss, etc.

    Additionally, since I’m talking about PCSX2, it’s possible to set GSDX (the video display plugin for the emulator) to run in “hardware mode” for DirectX9. While running any PS2 game in this mode (PCSX2 0.9.8 seems to work best), pressing Shift+F8 will create a screenshot and, if you’re using a PS2 BIOS dump from 2004, an .obj rip of the entire scene into your “Snaps” folder. This .obj file- a 3D model- is warped, unfortunately, and would need a little tender-loving care, but if you had Jennifer a medium distance away from the screen when you took the snapshot, what you’ve got is a model of Jennifer and her surroundings, including any other characters and objects which were visible when you took that snapshot. No textures- these can be ripped straight out of the emulator if you use a program called TexMod alongside PCSX2- but someone more skilled with modeling than I am could pull this off I think. Those’re all the tools needed to rip and render the orphanage and its orphans in 3D- if anyone with the skill to pull it off wants to. Rigify, a plugin included with Blender (a free 3D modeling program), can even help you animate the characters- helped even more so if I or someone else can figure out how to get the “Ghost Amanda” model (see below*) to load other orphans’ models instead of Amanda’s (via Cheat Engine code). Plenty of rambling, I know, but I’m excited to get the word out there, especially since I know some of this is a bit over my current skill with these programs. I know I’m trying, but to say I’m a novice at this is an understatement.

    Not that, after four years, I think there’s TOO much more to be unearthed when it comes to Rule of Rose’s mysteries, being able to view, for instance, the actual texture files for Jennifer’s crayon-covered dress or to switch Jennifer’s model out for perhaps-yet-unseen costumes (if not the other orphans’ models- play the game as Meg!) using Cheat Engine codes may be a viable possibility to unlock whatever mysteries are left over.

    *Ghost Amanda:

  57. Esor fo Elur says:

    “I think I may have found an interesting connection with Hoffman and Clara. By chance I was looking into famous operas, and one caught my eye. The Tales of Hoffman…”

    Honestly, I’m impressed. Hoffman’s not too common a name, I don’t think, and tossed in alongside a Clara… That’s far too much a coincidence, whatever the differences between the stories overall, to ignore- NICE find!

  58. Lussh says:

    Esor fo Elur,

    I know little of what you spoke, but I understood you could “move the camera around”.
    So if you could get close shots of Joshua’s face, (which we never see closely in game), that would be awesome.
    I think there’s also a strange note inside the prince and princess quarters.

    Dear leader,
    Could you craft a Ror-cyclopedia with everything you have on the site ? Each subject is a chapter, with many entries sorted by dates like the lettters from wendy to J.
    Please, I would like to have it as a big diary, before your ever so thin presence fades too much away…

  59. Esor fo Elur says:

    It’s a bit clear to me now that I was tired when I wrote that initial post, so yes it’s a little hard to follow. Here’s what I’m toying with:
    -Ripping actual textures from the game
    -Ripping [faulty replicas of] the models from the game
    -Getting the camera fixed at a certain position or else a certain distance from Jennifer
    -*Possibly* switching out Jennifer’s model- or “Ghost Amanda’s,” as detailed in my link above- for another model, so that all of the game’s models can be more easily viewed and ripped

    I’m still experimenting with camera control- no luck yet- but I *should* be able to grab Joshua’s textures using TexMod. I’ll see what I can do! THANK YOU, by the way, for the awesome maps of the orphanage, the airship, etc.

    • Esor fo Elur says:

      Honestly, it’s been way too long since I made a post on this and I’d thought until today that I’d lost this stuff… I didn’t make much progress back then in terms of finding anything BRAND new, or (unfortunately) extracting the game’s archives themselves- Grandpaf’s suggestion elsewhere on this forum to use a Hexeditor gives me some hope that it’s possible- but I was able to find a way to manipulate the game’s camera *to a point* by forcibly changing Jennifer’s coordinates. I also figured out how to switch the music that’s playing for another song from the game, though I never figured out the list of possible song values (one might be “44” to the game, another “211” and so on, with plenty of “blanks” in-between that yield only silence). Each of the code addresses below have some value associated with them (the game takes care of this initially, or if left to its own devices, but you can manually change them), and each code has a Byte value of 4 (probably important, but I only know so much of what I’m actually doing). Each code address can be manually entered into the program I’d used: Cheat Engine.

      So that this info isn’t lost forever, these are the codes you’d need if you were trying to do the same as me (I used Cheat Engine 6.2 alongside PCSX2 Version r4600- that last one is necessary, since other versions will read the game slightly differently):

      Freeze Jennifer’s Z Coordinates: 206FE6E4
      (activating this in-game doesn’t allow Jennifer to move any higher or lower, allowing you to walk over holes in the walkways if, for instance, you were walking down stairs before)

      Freeze Jennifer’s X Coordinates: 206FE6E0
      (like above, this one won’t allow Jennifer to move any further left or right, once activated, and can be changed to force Jennifer to the other side of a room and so on)

      Freeze Jennifer’s Y Coordinates: 206FE6E8
      (as with the above code, only it forces Jennifer to have a certain position either up or down on a certain location’s “grid,” which seems nearly infinite by the way, in any direction)

      Music Playing: 207DAF08
      (ensures that the music value given here is the one that keeps playing, even if you walk into another area or begin fighting with enemies)

      Note: I think PCSX2 0.9.8 is the same as version r4600. Rule of Rose, in any case, will run in either DirectX9 video mode (as configured in settings), but the GUIcinematics render in one, the rest of the game in the other (which means that cinematics will be solid black unless you use the proper video mode). If you try what I have, to use TexMod (another program, rather unstable) to rip the texture files from the game as they’re displayed, this needs to be considered (hardware mode, I think, was what I needed for viewing the models, etc). I know this post is a mess, folks, but I’m trying to get any and all information I can remember, down. I’d truly thought until today that I’d lost this stuff for good.

  60. Lussh says:

    You’re welcome!
    I’m glad my maps are useful.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you can rip out from the game. Josh up close is the biggest (graphical) mistery to me.

    Another thought about moving the camera around to see what we cannot normally see : the airship name. From the areas going outside, maybe you can get a peek at something that could be written somewhere on the flank of the beast.
    From the wheel house maybe?

    Another thought about (did you wrote it somewhere else or am I just dreaming things?)
    the fact that you may be able to force the game to load a location instead of another. Making you able to warp through the levels at wish.
    If you can do that, here’s what’s very interesting :
    The salon (107) and the reception room (06), like many other places are quite the same,
    but there are two (or even three ?) different salon.
    Throughout the game, the place changes, and I think it may be programmed as another instance, rather than adapting the furniture. If the room “changes”, no luck. But if it’s actually really two different salon you can get in through the game; then there are a new research job to be done.

    Many places changes, get doodles, get more and more ropes…. “Decay”, in a way.
    If you can find a list of the locations, you might find some interesting things. (I’m a bit dreaming you might even find some unused location.)

    One place that has puzzled me a bit more than the others is the classroom (15).
    When I was making the map, I was a bit puzzled, because… Which one should I draw when there are three different version ?
    Oh yeah, I remember something else! Another biiig problem, hinting toward ‘unused locatons’ to me. The central sairway ingame map led me to believe that at first, jen was supposed to go even further frontward, up to the first sector. (Only a bridge is missing from the second elevator to go further.)

    Well, here are some thoughts. I’ll look forward what you’ll be bringing to us.
    And thank you about the maps!

    • Esor fo Elur says:

      Now that I’ve sort of “rediscovered” this game today and, thankfully, that I hadn’t lost all my work from two years ago, I think I may give this a shot. It’ll be off an on, I think, thanks to my schedule, but I think I may be able to do it. In any case, I’ve made a new post today that should allow anyone to do it, as they like.

      What I never quite figured out was the address to change Jennifer’s model (should’ve been simple, with the costume room, but I could never find that code address to save my life). That, along with the exact address for which map’s been loaded (could be changed to another value and POOF you’re on the airship instead of the orphanage, probably stuck in a wall), may prove invaluable. The codes above would allow you to move about the new map semi-freely.

  61. Esor fo Elur says:

    It’s all experimental right now- I only realized that the PS2 emulation program, PCSX2, even had the capability to “capture” a 3D mesh\model being displayed on screen by a game it runs. And then I thought of TexMod and how I’d used it way back when on the original Guild Wars game, realizing that it worked through PCSX2 as much as any other program (texture ripping was then possible). And then, looking into that, I realized Cheat Engine, which I’ve used once before now to force a PC game to give me a key I couldn’t find, would work ALSO on PCSX2 (memory editing- making the game think it’s doing one thing when it ought to do another- was therefore possible). And it all fits together nicely- texture ripping means that I or someone else *may* be able to apply those textures on a model that’s been ripped, a model which is more accurately ripped if I can figure out an ideal position for the camera when capturing a scene in PCSX2 (too close and the ripped mesh is stretched; too near and the ripped mesh is warped like through a fisheye lens).
    Heck, with time, a remake of the game with all its original textures, models, music, etc should be possible, though of course Sony\Atlus have fair reason to object to that.
    I’ll definitely post any and all things I run across- I encourage, of course, anyone who understands what I’m talking about to try their hand at it as well- and I’ll definitely be looking at the things you mentioned specifically. I tried to nab Joshua last night, but the guy appears in surprisingly few places in the actual game itself (outside of video files, which of course have no textures or models to rip) and his textures have been hard to get thus far.
    Can anyone think of a part of the game where we see Joshua standing casually, so that you could stand for, say, five minutes or so and he wouldn’t leave the room? Guy runs away a lot, most of the time without your being able to do anything about it (not moving doesn’t help; he still bolts on his own a lot of the time).
    (And I’m rambling a bit again. Darn am I excited for the potential in this- you could make a RoR fighting game for goodness sake, with the models and textures, should you have the desire to do so)

  62. Esor fo Elur says:

    I won’t be flooding these pages with updates- that’s for PokerNemesis to do- but this seemed important enough: found a scene with Joshua finally standing still. Right at the beginning of the game no less, after you find ragdoll Jennifer in the filth room, Joshua runs off toward the attic stairs. IF you don’t chase after him, the guy stands still for once in the entire game and, thus, I was able to nab his textures (TexMod can’t read game data if the game is paused, so Josh’s constantly running off and staying on screen for seconds at a time made this frustrating before).

    Have a look at Joshua, folks:

  63. Grandpaf says:


    Am I the only person who see the same? Could Wendy, young Jennifer and Joshua using the same texture? They have the same face, same eyes, lightly edited clothes and hairs. Except for a possible texture pattern to easily create model and characters, can it have another purpose? They look so similar in that case that it doesnt surprise me that there’s confusion on who is who (Wendy-Joshua, Wendy or Jennifer-Joshua, etc)

  64. Lussh says:

    It’s a well known face, as expected. Thanks Esor fo Elur!
    To find “him”, I first thought about october in the central stairway, or in the beginning when you have to read the story up in the aristocrat room.

    Good job!
    Guild wars, the good ol’ days…

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  66. pakawat1999 says:

    Could someone can rip the model diana meg wendy?

    • Esor fo Elur says:

      No luck in ripping models yet, though I can rip very, very skewed, often blocky 3D meshes of whole scenes (characters, architecture, objects, and environmental effects like moonlight or dust clouds) without any textures.

      I’ve gotten into contact with someone that may be able to help (success with ripping PS2 models in the past), but then life got busy for me and I haven’t had time to try what he’d suggested. Currently he seems to be working on models from Haunting Ground (PS2).

      Will update if I know more.

  67. pakawat1999 says:

    esor fo elur can you share model such as wendy diana and meg in mediafire?

  68. pakawat1999 says:

    Could someone rig 3 models for me? (3 model are meg diana and wendy)

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