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Players of Rule of Rose have long complained about not being able to pet Brown, or complained that they only achieved it one time but not ever again.

This is the method that I developed to be able to repeatably pet Brown.

Summary of the method: Use the “O” button to call Brown and use the “O” button to attempt to pet Brown. Always call Brown to Jennifer in order to make the computer align Jennifer and Brown. Don’t bother trying to align Jennifer and Brown manually by moving Jennifer to Brown. If the petting behavior doesn’t occur after two or three presses of “O” in a particular alignment of Jennifer and Brown, move to another position, create another alignment by calling Brown, and try again.

The last 45 seconds of this video (in which I gave the above summary, and also pet Brown one more time) got lost during upload/processing, which is why the video ends oddly. I decided against doing a re-upload attempt.

2 Responses to “My Video: How To Pet And Hug Brown In Rule Of Rose”
  1. Somebody'sPrince says:

    I never really found this difficult. XD XD But I have heard people complaining that they couldn’t pet him.

  2. PokerNemesis says:

    There’s something I neglected to check. Can Jennifer pet/hug Brown when she has a weapon equipped? Does anybody know?

    I would think that the Rule of Rose handbook should have mentioned it if Jennifer needed to have weapons unequipped.

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