It amazes me that I can, after so much time replaying Rule of Rose, still come across an experience that is new to me.

Just a few minutes ago I realized that I had, in the “Bird of Happiness” chapter, always just followed the drawings of the red bird on the walls and let them lead me straight through places like the Sector 9 Turbine Area without stopping to explore. Or had followed Brown straight through the area, after using the “find” function on the red feather, without bothering to explore.

So I decided to check out the Starboard Livestock Room (which connects to the Sector 9 Turbine Area).  And as I approached its door, Eleanor came out of it! 

I expect that this has already been experienced by some of you, but it was absolutely new to me!

Eleanor was holding her empty bird cage and looking around.

Pressing “x” while standing in front of her, she says (in text only):

No, it’s not here either… The red bird…

If you keep pressing “x” you can also get Eleanor to say (in text only):

Where did it go…? The red bird…


If you enter the Starboard Livestock Room, Eleanor will be gone when you exit.

The Port Livestock Room is somewhere else I hadn’t been previously in this chapter, and the disruption of the area where Wendy had kept Peter is quite extreme. I’ll describe it in another blog-post.

And I guess I have a few other areas to explore nearby. Maybe some new surprises await!

9 Responses to “Eleanor in the Sector 9 Turbine Area During the “Bird of Happiness” Chapter”
  1. Masq says:

    ^_^- Hm. Stuff like this makes me wonder if there is something somewhere we haven’t found yet.

  2. PokerNemesis says:

    Masq wrote:

    ^_^- Hm. Stuff like this makes me wonder if there is something somewhere we haven’t found yet.

    You mean, like Access to the Attic in the “Once Upon A Time” Chapter! (Part 1)? 😀

  3. elyonum says:

    I love finding new stuff in the game!
    Who knows, we may find just one giant chunk of a document pretty much explaining everything to you inside one of the closets (?)

  4. Masq says:

    😛 You start that again, PN, you’ll never live it down!

    I knew it was a joke from the first moment I saw it. XD

    You’re so cruel. 😛

  5. Saika says:

    I’ll try not to miss this experience next time I’ll play !

    Hey, I just thought about that : did you notice that at the beginning of The Funeral, Jennifer doesn’t wear her black socks anymore ? Maybe they have been stolen by the Aristocrats ;(

  6. Mostly Lurker says:

    Yeah I noticed this the first time around because I was terrible at the game and wandered everywhere. This was by far the hardest chapter for me because I’d always go somewhere I shouldn’t have… like up the stairs where all those stupid bird imps killed me because I was soooo sure that they were hiding something.

  7. iKing says:

    Just on the subject of finding new stuff(though I’m sure most of you already know about this, just wanted 2 piont it out to anyone who may have missed it) in the cloverfield chapter after u piece together the 2 leaf clover and nicholas runs off, you can find him again in one of the stalls in the mens restroom on the same floor(the one next to the women’s bathroom where you follow the trail of feathers to in the bird of happiness, sorry if I’m being vague I havent played for awhile…)

  8. Doll says:

    I missed that on my blind run of the game.
    After beating it the first time, with most games I return them, I just couldn’t do that to ROR…the game left me with many questions, so I had to keep playing it lol

    I found this on the second run.

  9. Choco-chan says:

    Yeah, I saw that. Poor thing is missing a sock. ;_;

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