The Cell of Repentance, in the basement of the orphanage, is especially linked to the Red Crayon/Red Rose Aristocrats. This room has a red emblem of a rose on each side of its door (the room in the attic where the throne is located also bears this symbol). Having Brown search using the Red Crayon (in the “find” slot of the inventory) during “The Funeral” chapter leads one to the Cell of Repentance and to the Red Crayon Pledge.

The Red Crayon Pledge document as follows:

The document has a black flower-stem border, in the upper corners of which are a red rose (one in each corner).

Top line is in red: “The Red Crayon Pledge

Next line is in black: “I pledge allegiance to the Prince and Princess

Next line is in black: “I promise to love thy neighbor.

Next line in black (there is a drawing to the right of it that looks to me like a bag, leaking blood, suspended from a rope hanging from a frame of some sort): “I shall offer a monthly gift.

Next line in black (there is some sort of red splotch or red figure to the right of this): “I shall punish the unfaithful.

Next line in red: “Red Crayon…” (something I can’t read).

The subtitles of the document leave out the line “I shall punish the unfaithful” and the line written in red beneath it.

If Jennifer goes to the Cell of Repentance during the time (in “The Funeral” chapter) of the imp attacks, she will encounter the spawnage of infinite imps. These imps are all of one specific type.

These imps are regular (non-animal) imps which wear a bag that is closely fitted to the shape of the head, and have facial features of red color.  The red color (presumably from red crayon) is, in my opinion, another feature linking these imps to the Red Crayon society.

I have argued, in numerous previous blog-posts, that the imps are fantasy distortions of what were, in Jennifer’s forgotten past, the orphans wearing bags on their heads and acting as if they were imps.  The close fitting bags on these imps of the Cell of Repentance are shaped to somewhat resemble the heads that Jennifer sees on the “regular” imps and I believe that this type of close-fitting bag (without the red) explains Jennifer’s fantasy-creation of the face and head of “regular” imps.

I propose that the spawnage of the imps in the Cell of Repentance is meant to symbolize that it is the Red Crayon Aristocrats that are responsible for bringing the imps to life, so to speak, and unleashing the activities of the orphans that Jennifer re-lives in her dream as imp rampages.

Thanks go to Choco-chan for bringing the infinitely spawning imps of the Cell of Repentance to my attention.

On the imps as the-orphans-wearing-bags, see my blog-posts:
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16 Responses to “The Possible Symbolism of Imp Spawnage in the Cell of Repentance”
  1. Masq says:

    “Tight fitting bags?”

    …sounds like a paper mache project we’d do at school… make molds of a head with paper bags and glue and water.

    I have to see this now…

  2. PokerNemesis says:

    Masq wrote:

    “Tight fitting bags?”

    Conforming more to the head than the bags (seen worn by some imps) which have corners like the paper grocery bags used today.

  3. riceroll says:

    When you say bag do you mean a sack? (like ones used to hold the monthly gifts)

    iv never seen these imps myself so i have no clue what they really look like ^^’

  4. Nope. Paper bags. Like the ones Diana and the other aristocrats wore when they poured water on Jennifer after she dug up a coffin in the early part of the game.

    Also, I’m thinking that the red facial features of the bag-wearing imps could also mean blood. Maybe that is how the orphans died in the hands of Stray Dog, they got their faces deformed from his attack. And perhaps Jennifer, in her dream, remembers the victims with the bag over their heads with red colors or facial features to hide how horrible it was.

    Hmmmmm… perhaps perhaps perhaps. Just for the sake of argument, i guess. =P

  5. PokerNemesis says:

    Welcome, riceroll!

  6. riceroll says:

    happy to be here! iv been creeping around the site for some time now and all i can say is that you and everyone here has great ideas on the game!

    but back to the topic! In my opinion these imps don’t correlate with anyone (like rat=Diana and ect..) but represent everyone in the red crayon society (since they are wearing bags but you cant see whats really written on them) and on the pledge you find in the same cell they are in, says “punish the unfaithful” Jennifer herself feels guilty (and maybe unfaithful) to her friends for being the sole survivor. Also the imps bite don’t they? Maybe that’s because she feels the guilt has been eating away at her??? Or dog bites?

    Also it’s the Cell of Repentance that all of this is found in so I think it goes together nicely. but this is just what i think….

  7. Choco-chan says:

    Also, I’m thinking that the red facial features of the bag-wearing imps could also mean blood. Maybe that is how the orphans died in the hands of Stray Dog, they got their faces deformed from his attack.

    Ah yes! I wrote something to that extent in my original response, and then there’s the way the imps attack, biting, like Stray Dog.

  8. PokerNemesis says:

    Perhaps the repentance idea, associated with the imp spawnage in the Cell of Repentance, relates to the message of one of the notes tossed at Jennifer shortly before the imp attacks begin in “The Funeral” chapter: “Apologize by dying!

  9. blinded_by_tears says:

    i am still confused, why did all of the orphans hate jenny so? like when they tossed a paper at jenn which reads beggar+thief and blah blah (i forgot) lolol

  10. Choco-chan says:

    Perhaps the repentance idea, associated with the imp spawnage in the Cell of Repentance, relates to the message of one of the notes tossed at Jennifer shortly before the imp attacks begin in “The Funeral” chapter: “Apologize by dying!“

    Holy cow, I just had an idea~!

    Maybe the Cell of Repentance is the place that Jennifer ran and hid in during the Stray Dog attack? It kinda flies in the face of the grandfather clock theory, but I think they’re both good ideas.

    I could understand the implications of the infinite imp spawnage in the case of her hiding in the cell. She hid while they were killed, so they’re coming back to get her, and as a further reminder, the pledge is there, complete with the parts of the pledge, “I promise to love thy neighbor”, which Jennifer can be seen as having betrayed by running away, and “I shall punish the unfaithful”. The latter part would relate to the Red Crayon Society seeing Jennifer as unfaithful for running away and “leaving them to die”, so to speak.

  11. Emriss says:

    Just want to toss out there that the infinite spawnage in the Cell of Repentance isn’t unique to that room. In other places, such as the halls, you get the same thing; you can see new ones climbing out of the walls as you kill the old ones. Not to say this bunch in the CoR isn’t important, I just don’t think the infinite part is that noteworthy.

  12. ThisIsTheBestNameIGot says:

    Now that I got over my stagefright, making these random commentaries has become addicting. I feel like I’m writing an English thesis, and I hate English!!
    I got this idea reviewing the forums , as I do with all of my RoR forums, and didn’t know quite where to put it, but I guess here will do. At the risk of redundancy or idiocy, or redundant idiocy, I would like to posit the following:
    Although the imps most literally represent the bag-headed orphans, I believe the imps, along with their bag headed prototypes, thematically represent fear, unknown, and fear of the unknown, forces impeding Jennifer’s unravelling and reclaiming of her memories.
    This theory, as crackheaded as it may be, seems to be supported by exploration of imp significance already documented on these lovely forums. For starters there is the matter of the animal imps embodying particular aristocrats. In each of the Rag Princess Sews electives Jennifer is paired at the start with an Aristocrat who travels in parallel with Jennifer on the path to her revelation. Although this inspires the start of these three journeys, the Aristocrats, despite what appears to be “help”, perverse these journeys and evoke fear from Jennifer (Onion Bag, Getting “Cleaned” By Diana, “It wasn’t me, honest”). This, at least in my humble opinion, warrants the appearance of their particular imp in massive hoards in their respective chapters. The role of these imps, too, seems to abide with my little theory. Before every big revelation (Stuffed goat, Secret to box combination, Mermaid Room molestation) there is a mounted, nearly if not virtually, inevitable force of the imps to off Jennifer, although not resulting in a literal death, it literally impedes discovery of these revelations via restarting if you die. (I wouldn’t know what dying would be like, I’m a terrible gamer, but the unused “Brown Game Over” clip scared/scarred me so much that I avoided death… like death.) The goat sisters stand between Jennifer and the clock, the fish imp cluster from hell between her and the mermaid room, and the bird imps (those thing freak me out!!!) between Jennifer and the final(?) safe clue. Even non-climatic imp clusters bind Jenn’s progress by indirectly facilitating her bondage to an irrelevant room (acheived by a bag headed agent to be discussed later.) As the Aristocrats kept Jennifer from realizing herself in reality (ie end of Funeral chapter slap-rant, “I hate myself the most…”), their imps keep Jennifer from realizing herself via her memories.
    Their is also the matter of imps and darkness. The fear of darkness has been linked with fear of the unknown and Amanda/Xavier’s unpredictable (hence unknowable) behaviour quite literally thrusts poor Jenn into the dark (I could not make it through her life on one pair of underwear, let’s leave it at that). This prompts the appearance of Amanda/Xavier pig imps. I find it revealing that they disappear when Amanda/Xavier’s “thrust Jenn into the dark plot” is foiled and light is shed on everything. This may have been just one of those horror movie “light fixes everything” tactics, but there may be more at work. The imps do pull Jennifer into darkness.
    Also, imps seem to collaborate with the grown folks who were shrouded in even more mystery than the children. I’d say more, but I’m tired and it’s not worth it, this point is underdeveloped.
    There is finally the appearance of the imp prototype; the bag headed corn children themselves. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone discuss them more. They close off certain rooms on the airship. If locked doors work just fine, and are used, why use bag-headed orphans? Maybe RoR went ecofriendly, powering the airship with orphans, or maybe the shock factor was the motive. But why have the bag headed orphans shut the door? As eluded to in Once Upon A Time, the bag headed orphans were unknownable enigmas to new girl Jennifer, a perfect device to shut off parts of the very airship embodying Jenn’s memories. Just as the rope bound objects (rope=suppression?) are often no longer subject to X-button obeservation (at least in the filth room), things, memories behind the orphan-sealed doors are no longer observable. While locked doors may serve as more direct self censorship on the part of Jennifer, the imps and orphans, for the most part, act as agents of 3rd party censorship. This might also explain other imp nuances, such as the inability to access even opened doors used as their spawn points (Unlucky Cloverfield butterfly fiasco; the clover doors are opened, but entry is blocked. Same for the filthy Jennifer fiasco.), their backmasking and unintelligible British murmuring, the inability to converse with bagheads, the imps usage of rope, the imps convergent evolution with the bags as document here, and the disappearance of imps upon revelation.
    I’m outta steam (hot air’s more like it… what have I done?)
    If only Heart of Darkness inspired this much psuedo-analytical thinking, I’d pass English…

  13. PokerNemesis says:

    Ah, there are so many levels to things in Rule of Rose, ThisIsTheBestNameIGot !

    I like your proposal that the imps are, on one level, representations of psychological forces within Jennifer’s mind that work to keep Jennifer in the dark with respect to her recovering her memories. I think the idea of the imps working against Jennifer’s quest to recover her memories has been put forward previously by a comment-maker on this site, but, alas, I don’t recall who it was, so I can’t give the appropriate credit.

    This psychological role for the imps doesn’t negate the idea that the imps also relate to orphans-wearing-bags-on-their-heads during Jennifer’s forgotten past. Rather, I think it is somewhat parallel to the idea I have proposed before that Wendy-as-Joshua, in the game-story, often seems to represent the psychological forces within Jennifer’s mind working to get Jennifer to remember… even though the idea of Wendy impersonating Joshua also relates to something from Jennifer’s forgotten past (as is also the case, as I would argue, with the orphans-wearing-bags impersonating imps being derived from Jennifer’s forgotten past).

    As evidence in support for the symbolic/psychological nature of the imps in the game story, I would add all of the killing of imps that we see Jennifer doing. This certainly doesn’t represent Jennifer actually having killed her fellow orphans during her forgotten past.

  14. ThisIsTheBestNameIGot says:

    Oh, I did not mean to negate any connections between the two (imps and bag headed orphans). In fact the two are connected as the imps seem to be a mentally transmuted representation of a symbol of the unknown and fear in her real life memories: the orphans with bags.
    I agree with what I inferred from your final statement (you meant in support of the nature I talked about?), although she is not killing the bag head orphans, she is killing what they stand for, unlocking doors to forgotten memories in the process.

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