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Now enter into the Headmaster’s Room by exiting the Reception Room via the other door (i.e. not the door by which we entered the Reception Room).

To Jennifer’s right is an aquarium. Pressing “x” while Jennifer stands near the aquarium we get subtitles and a close up view of the aquarium. The subtitles say:

There’s a small model of a mansion inside the tank, but no fish.

The fact that the koi is not in the aquarium is a strong indication that we are present in the orphanage some time after the time that the koi was surreptitiously removed from the aquarium by an orphan. We know the date of that event because of an entry in Hoffman’s diary that we will find in a later chapter:

24 August 1930

This is inexcusable!
My precious koi is gone.
The children must be responsible.
I won’t stand for this.
Where is Diana?
What’s she been up to?
My opinion of her will suffer because of this.
(Headmaster’s Room, Hoffman’s diary, “Once Upon a Time”)

The model of a mansion in the aquarium matches the general appearance of the orphanage mansion. Both have a central courtyard and are built up the same number of stories above ground level.

Back when the koi was still present in the tank, the orphans would have had an opportunity to witness it swimming above the mansion model, and one can easily imagine that some of the orphans would have let the vision of this aquarium scene fuel their fantasies. The fantasy of the koi seeming to fly above the orphanage (in the aquarium) was no doubt the inspiration for Wendy’s drawing of a fish-airship giving the orphans a joyous ride, and fantasies which translated into the pre-game video images of a giant koi flying above the orphanage mansion and the airship flying above the orphanage mansion.

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