Moving Jennifer to the left of the chalk drawing, we will see three steps leading up to a door. If Jennifer tries to enter by this door she will find that it is locked and won’t open. This door would give access, if it were open-able, to the corridor which connects to the Closet Room and the Headmaster’s Room.

If you move Jennifer away from the door, and to the side (to change the camera angle), first to the right and then to the left, you can see some things through the window of the door.

From a position to the right of the door (far back from the steps), looking through the window of the door, one can see a white rectangle with a red border on top on one wall of the corridor. I don’t know what this is. Later, when we are inside that corridor we won’t see anything like that.

From a position to the left of the door (standing by the clotheslines, looking through the window of the door), you can see the top edge of what appears to be a white rectangle on the other wall of the corridor. Again, when we are in that corridor later, we won’t see anything like that.

The view won’t quite seem to match (in my opinion) from inside the corridor looking out into the yard either.


Now let’s look at the items that are hanging on the clothesline, waving slightly in the breeze. Mostly there are dresses, but there are also a couple of shirts and a couple of white rectangles of cloth. Are there any clues to be found amongst these items?

Well, later on, in this chapter, when Jennifer is in the main hall of the orphanage, pressing “x” near a pot of plants will give us the subtitle: “The plants are covered with dust.” I propose that this dustiness is an indication that we are seeing a time in the orphanage after Martha and Hoffman are no longer living there. Martha is not dusting the plants, nor is Hoffman there to make the orphans do cleaning.

But outside, we see laundry hanging from the clotheslines. If the orphans aren’t doing dusting inside the orphanage because there are no adults around to force them to do so, does the presence of laundry on the clotheslines give contradictory evidence to the hypothesis that there are no adults around?

I don’t think so.

Laundry was Jennifer’s duty, and I could easily see the Aristocrats forcing Jennifer to keep at her laundry duties after the adults were gone. The Aristocrat girls would want clean clothes and clean sheets. It would be difficult for them to feel refined without clean clothes.


If we press “x” near the incinerator, we get a frontal view of the incinerator and a subtitle that says: “It’s a large incinerator.

Moving Jennifer near the trash piled by the incinerator, and pressing “x”, gives a frontal view of the trash and a subtitle that says: “There’s lots of trash piled up here.


I have some speculative thoughts about this rear gate area, but I think I will put these in their own blog-post later, and then link to it from here once it is posted.


One more observation of interest, about this area.  Look at the two windows overlooking the clotheslines (just to the left of the door if Jennifer is facing the door).  I don’t think these windows should be there.  The room that should be located there is the Closet Room.  But there are no windows in the Closet Room.


Now we are ready to leave the “rear gate” area.

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17 Responses to “See-all Walkthrough, With Commentary: “The Little Princess” Chapter (Part 7c): Rear Gate”
  1. CuriousAristocrat says:

    If that was true, I feel kind of sad for little Jennifer to continue doing duties while the others are messing around grrr!! >.<

  2. just like a cinderella,but,where is the stepm0ther?hehehe, ,

  3. i want to ask s0mething,in the end of the intro scene,jenny and wendy was in the rose garden.and,why jenny said her name was joshua.? And then they kiss?
    Yuck, ,they’re just to young to be a lesbian.i mean,will be better if they’re n0t a lesbian. .

  4. Lost Orphan says:

    Did they ever actually kiss? I mean, I saw them with their foreheads together, moving their heads back and forth with maybe the tips of their noses touching occasionally. I guess I saw the line about kissing as part of childhood pretend playing.

  5. Masq says:

    There’s no proof there was ever any kissing in the entire game or the time that this game took place. ((Well… unless you count in Once Upon A Time… but it’s not the same thing.))

    And, it would seem that scene is representing the promise Jennifer made more than what actually happened. (Think of the Rose Garden scene in June’s Gingerbread House chapter. What Jennifer says in the intro scene is likely the romantic version of what she promised way back when.)

  6. i dont kn0w they were kissing or n0t.but,if there is no rose’s bud fall of in heaps at the end of the intro m0vie,maybe we will knew it if they were kissing

  7. Masq says:

    ^^() I don’t think they do. Call me crazy, call me stupid. But I think that the affection shown in that scene is supposed to rival the affection in the scene in Once Upon a Time with Wendy.

  8. wendy and jenn’s face bec0me closer,closer,and closer,i think they do.they just covered by the last scene .and how about jenn call herself as joshua??

    Anyway,s0rry 4 my english

  9. Neko Rheeid says:

    The what? rectangles? white, red lines? x.xU that steps… so, if they are living with no adults, somebody entered to hoffman’s room, or something? Ok, I’m confused with rectangles…

    And, I think they kissed. ‘Cause Jennifer said “My name is Joshua, I will serve you, princess. Just kiss me please” and they went closer and closer. And, if it was all a fantasy from Wendy’s mind, or Jenn’s mind, as childs, they would like to live a fairytale with a happy ending… and a kiss…

  10. Masq says:

    Could be Jen projecting herself (as prince Joshua, which was actually a bear) and Wendy (the rose princess) into a fairytale, there in they rub noses and talk about kissing.

    I don’t think their relationship was ever of the type they actually kissed. Wendy seems a bit more controling than she is in the intro scene… and Jennifer doesn’t seem hardly that brave. Ever. Speculation, maybe, but I don’t think they were ever THAT close, at least not in that way. If you read the letters, which again… what’s with the letters? Why didn’t they just talk? But anyway, they have a long drawn out relationship and since they had to write letters, it makes me think that they didn’t really get to spend that much time together. SO think what you will, I don’t htink their relationship was romantic.

  11. yea,maybe thats just fantasy,all of that.when i was a young girl,i had a boyfriend and i played with him.i projecting my self as princess,and him as a prince.same with wendy and jenny did.they’re just playing with their imagination.but i have never went that close(you kn0w. . .muach. .muach)

  12. PokerNemesis says:

    I just now added some text (about the incinerator and the trash next to it) to the end of this blog-post.

    I also re-wrote a little bit of it for increased clarity.

  13. PokerNemesis says:

    I just now made yet another addition of text near the end of the post. This was about windows that can be seen but which don’t match the interior of the orphanage.

  14. Chili says:

    @Evanescence et al.:

    I think the kissing is part of their fantasy of themselves as Prince and Princess, nothing more, nothing less. They loved each other, but as children do. I don’t see anything sexual in their behaviour (but even if it was, I wouldn’t describe it as “yuck”, so much for that … )

  15. RevenantChild says:

    well, back in the days of my childhood… i have a friend (girl) who kept calling me as her “boyfriend” or somethin like that (and i’m a girl, btw)… it’s just a childish way affection with a play of pretend…

    so i guess there’s nothing wrong with jen and wendy…

  16. WitchBaby says:

    They were just playing at being a prince and princess…just like how male and female siblings will sometimes say, “You’re the mommy and I’m the daddy”…it doesn’t mean that there is anything incestuous going on between young siblings who are playing “adult”. I think that this was just two girls acting out their own fairy tale…
    They also rub noses after Jennifer says kiss me please…it was like an “eskimo kiss”…I think that’s probably as far as they went with “kissing”, keeping them in “character” for their game, but they also realize that one of them isn’t REALLY a boy

  17. PokerNemesis says:

    RevenantChild wrote:

    i have a friend (girl) who kept calling me as her “boyfriend” or somethin like that (and i’m a girl, btw)

    It is interesting to learn of a real-life example of that… thanks for sharing!

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